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What websites exist to find cheap flights? What are the best websites and what differentiates each one? In this article, we list our favorite places to travel the world on a shoestring budget.

There are more and more pages dedicated to searching for flights, but are they all equally effective in finding that flight that will take us to paradise for little money? What are the best pages to find cheap flights? Here we present our favorite websites to find the best flight.


Google doesn’t necessarily always have the cheapest flights, though it usually comes pretty close. What it does do is offer travelers the best selection of cheap flights to specific destinations, as well as the opportunity to compare destination prices if the traveler is debating where they’d like to go.

Google Flights uses a wide variety of sources when creating fares, and it does so quickly. Other sites may spend a minute or more loading the results. Google’s speed is greatly appreciated when it comes to saving time finding cheap flights.

Google Vuelos

Páginas para encontrar vuelos baratos (Google Flights)

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It is one of the best-known flight search websites, functioning as a comparator of comparators. Skyscanner searches for the cheapest flights among numerous airlines, other search engines such as Booking, Edreams, Rumbo… and even travel agencies.

One of the great advantages that Skyscanner has is that we indicate the origin but if we do not know where we want to travel because we are influenced by the price of the flight, we can choose the option “anywhere” and it shows us which are the best destinations at the best price. With this option, a list of destinations ordered by countries to which it is cheaper to fly will appear.

Skyscanner | Find cheap flights, hotels and rental cars



Expedia does a great job of getting flight deals, but where it really shines is in its rewards program and not so much when it comes to finding cheap flights.

Users earn up to four points for every euro or dollar spent on travel (including flights, hotel stays, and car rentals), but the best part is watching the points add up when you buy those things in bundles. In addition, Expedia allows travelers to triple the source of their reward points.

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Kayak is a cheap flight search engine and comparator like Skyscanner, so they do not sell flight tickets, but are connected to providers from different parts of the world and destinations.

Kayak is another of the best pages to find cheap flights because of its interface, which is very simple and helps the process of searching for flights, and also because of the offers it shows. If a user registers with Kayak, they will have the opportunity to get private offers that sometimes have discounts of up to 35% on numerous flights.

Find flights, hotels and rental cars | KAYAKING



This website is very useful because you can find all kinds of means of transportation, including buses, trains, flights or even cars from Blabla Car. Evaluate the smartest, cheapest and also fastest options. You can also see the time you need to go from one place to another. Therefore, we are not only talking about finding cheap flights but any means of transport.


Rumbo is one of the oldest online agencies and flight search engines on the market. Like the other companies we have discussed, Rumbo offers the traveler endless opportunities to find cheap flights to different destinations. In addition, it not only focuses on flights, but also offers hotels, vacation packages and tourist services at a very good price.


I just discovered this website recently and have used it as one of the options to find cheap flights. You can also find here hotels, cars or combinations between flights and hotels. Very convenient, right?


This website offers several very good deals and a good combination of flights and accommodation. You can read more about the description of each trip on their website, and book the trips with the links. If you are lazy to plan your trip or looking for travel inspiration, Fly4free will be your favorite website to find cheap flights.


Another of the most consolidated companies in the flight search sector is the Edreams online agency. From Edreams, the traveler can find great deals to travel to numerous destinations, working the same as companies like Kayak, Expedia or Rumbo. The website compares which are the best airlines to travel to a specific destination, depending on the price and also on the conditions of the flight: if it is a direct flight, if it has stopovers, the duration of the stopovers, etc.

Now that you know which are the best search engines to find cheap flights and the airlines that offer the best prices on their flights, what are you waiting for to travel?