How to find cheap hotels

Accommodation is one of the biggest costs of any trip. In fact, it’s most important if you’re a traveler who goes to mid-range or high-end hotels. Bearing this in mind, it is essential to know how to find cheap hotels, or at least the best prices and offers for the type of comfort you are looking for.

Want to save some good money and find cheap, discount hotels for your next trip? There are always ways to save when booking accommodation, from the older negotiation and bidding tactics to using online hotel comparators, browser extensions, or discount codes.

Use a good research method. Don’t waste time looking for hotels

If you can spend days and days looking for the best combinations and prices to find cheap flights, the same can happen with hotels. Stick to a practical method and don’t waste any more time than necessary looking for cheap hotels. Remember: your time is also worth money.

Use a VPN

From VPN Mentor they tell how they saved over $300 on a luxury hotel using Cyberghost VPN.

It turns out that hotels change their prices depending on their location. For example, it is common for you to pay more when booking the same hotel in the United States than in Latin America. How do they know where you are? Because Google examines your cookies, IP address, GPS tracking of your mobile or your location over Wi-Fi.

Using a VPN, you can change your location as well as encrypt your data and secure your internet connection. The tricks to taking advantage of the VPN are mainly 2: go to the web from a country with a lower income than yours or find countries that offer better deals and discounts for local customers.

Use the best portals to book hotels

I book the vast majority of my hotels with It is without a doubt the market leader. Nowhere else will you find more hotels (and other types of accommodation) and so many real reviews you can trust.

It also has several advantages such as the best guaranteed price on the market, many rooms with the possibility of free cancellation and good customer service.

In addition to booking, we also use Airbnb for houses and apartments. Airbnb usually has better prices compared to booking, this is because on Airbnb, the rates for hosts and guests are lower.

List of the best hosting sites